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Fun Tricks

Teaching amazing tricks to our dogs is so much fun, it deserves it's own page!

As a "Certified Trick Dog Instructor" (CTDI) and Certified Canine Conditioning Coach (CCC) through Do more with your Dog, I put a special emphasis on teaching fun and exciting tricks and tasks to the dogs I train. It's more than just a few fun and entertaining tricks that your dog can do- Through the teaching process you become a better team, essentially learning to 'communicate' with each other. Your dog will develop greater confidence in you and the learning process, and a strong desire to work with you. Whether you teach "Shake" or "Fetch me a beer," there is something to be gained. Teaching these tricks are a great addition to your basic obedience routine!

Did you know your dog can earn titles through Trick training? The Do more with your Dog program allows you to earn title certificates for your hard work and your dog's talent. From Novice to Champion, It allows you to set goals for yourself and be motivated to "Do more with your Dog."

The AKC now recognizes trick dog titles as well, so if your dog is registered (they don't have to be purebred), you can now add trick titles to his name! 

Do you have a therapy dog, or therapy dog in training? I strongly encourage you to teach your dog a few fun tricks to entertain your crowds-- Watching a smart and talented dog perform tricks brings smiles all around!

Tricks can be taught to any age, any breed, any size. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks- In fact, it's a great low impact way for senior dogs to get their exercise!

Check out these great dogs!

More coming soon...

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