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About us

My name is Wendy Bemis, Owner and Trainer at Creative Canine Training. I currently live, and grew up, right here in the downriver area of Michigan. My passion in dogs was evident from when I was very young, as much of my time was spent with my friends and neighbors’ dogs! Visiting, walking, brushing, you name it. We brought home our first family dog when I was 9, and I never looked back. My passion has been in teaching, training and learning dogs ever since.


Much of my experience in training has it’s roots in rescue and foster work. I have volunteered and coordinated in various shelter and rescue settings since the age of 14, and I became a professional dog trainer in 2008. I have been teaching owners and dogs to work together in group classes and private lessons ever since. I have trained my personal dogs to varying levels of achievement, from CGC, to Therapy dog, to competitive venues such as rally, agility, nosework and one of my personal favorites- Trick Dog. I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Certified Canine Conditioning Coach. My learning continues, as I enjoy staying informed through seminars, workshops and books.

The Creative Canine "Crew"

Meet my personal companions, and training buddies. 

In Memory of

Fleetwood Mes Yeux Vigilants CGCA TDI RE TDCH TKP

Fleetwood is a Beauceron born in November of 2010. He has been my close companion since the time he arrived, and he has helped me learn so much. His favorite things to do are play ball, shed hunt, and help bring in the groceries! He's trained in rally, agility, nosework, shed hunting and of course tricks! 

Sadly, Fleetwood passed away in late 2022 at the age of 12. 


Hakai "Kai" CGC TDCH

Kai was born in May of 2016 and she joined us at just under a year old. Her best friend is Fleetwood, and she loves to explore the outdoors. Kai is training in agility and shed hunting, and is a great trick dog! 

Kai can often be seen accompanying me to private and group training. 

In Loving Memory

In Memory of Gina TDI CGC

Gina was our family dog, and my first dog. She passed away at the age of 16 in March of 2015.  She was intelligent, forgiving, and very special. She was a great assistant in my training classes, an excellent therapy dog, and an amazing companion. She helped to 'train the trainer'.

In Memory of Deaf Defying Adrian CGC ITD

Shortly before the publication of this page, Adrian passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the young age of four.

Adrian is a miniature australian shepherd born in October of 2011. She is what is known as a “double merle” dog. Because of this, she is completely deaf and vision impaired. Lucky for her, it doesn’t slow her down a bit! Adrian’s favorite things are to play tug, and to participate in any training!

In Memory of Sadie

Sadie was born in 2008, and brought into my household in late 2014 along with Lucy. Despite her age, Sadie's gentle demeanor aided in working with many aggressive and fearful dogs and puppies. Sadie passed away in 2023. 

In Memory of Lucy 

Lucy was born in 2009, and was adopted into the crew with Sadie. She lost her eyesight to glaucoma, but you’d never know she was blind. She gets around just like any other dog. Lucy passed away in 2022. 

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