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Imagine the day that you will be able to walk your dog down the street with pride. Take your dog to new places and on vacations, without worrying about the next lunge or bark- and truly enjoy his company. That day isn’t far away!

Creative Canine Training is proud to offer a variety of services to meet your Dog Training goals. I service Southern Wayne county, the downriver area. Private appointments are done in your home. Appointments are scheduled based upon availability, and I will do my best to work with your schedule. Training can be paid for in cash or check, No credit cards accepted at this time. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment! All dogs over 6 months MUST have a current proof of rabies vaccine. Dogs and puppies must be free of parasites or infectious diseases to receive training. 

Do you have a special needs dog? I would love to help you. I have rescued, owned, and trained many deaf and blind dogs, as well as those who have special health requirements. 

Not sure what to expect during training? Read this!

(734) 325-4364

Private Lessons

Creative Canine’s most popular service includes in-home or off-site evaluation and instruction. I will build a training plan that fits you and your dog.

Topics may include:

Basic to advanced obedience






Pulling on leash

Reactivity towards people or dogs

Owner education

CGC training and testing

And more…

Consultation + lesson (2 hours) $140

4 Lesson Package (4 hours) $420

8 Lesson Package (8 hours) $750

12 Lesson Package (12 hours) $980

private lessons

Puppy Lessons

Puppies need guidance very early on in order to grow into confident, well socialized, well behaved dogs. I want the chance to start your puppy off right, and prevent problems before they start. Discounted Puppy Private Lessons are done in your home and/or in a public location such as a local park or pet-friendly store. Available for puppies under 6 months old.

Consultation + Lesson (2 hours) $120

4 Lessons (4 hours) $320

8 Lessons (8 hours) $560


Day Training in your Home

Busy Schedule? Need a jumpstart on your dog's training? Day training visits can be done in your home while you are away at work. For dogs and puppies that need introduction to or refinement of basic training. Not available for dogs who are aggressive towards other people or other dogs. 

Visits are 30-45 minutes scheduled at least twice a week. Follow up training for owner included in package


8 visit package $400

16 visit package $700

24 visit package $900


Adventure Days 

Adventure Days are available only to dogs who have completed at minimum basic level training. Outings into the real world such as local parks, common areas, hiking trails, etc. allow your dog to improve training skills, confidence building and socialization- and have fun while doing it! This is great alternative to a traditional dog walk or doggy daycare visit. Not available for dogs who are aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Your dog will be picked up from your home and be with the trainer for a minimum of 45 minutes, up to several hours depending on the adventure for the day. 


1 outing $40

4 outings $150

8 outings $280

Group Classes

Trick Dog Class offered at K9 Academy Training Facility

Has your dog been through basic obedience, and you’re ready for more? Tricks are an excellent way to improve your bond, confidence, and have a great time with your dog! Basic and Advanced Trick classes being offered.


Thursdays @ 7pm

Thursdays @ 8pm


K9 Academy Training Facility

(734) 641-9507

24800 Hayes, Taylor MI 48180

Group Class

Other Services

Canine Good Citizen Training/Testing

Free Evaluations for Rescue/Shelter Dogs

Tricks Training

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