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Top Ten Tips for staying SAFE around Dogs!​

  • Always ask before petting a strange dog! Let the dog come to you and sniff your closed hand before you reach out and pet him!

  • Never climb on your dog, or pull his hair, tail or ears.

  • Don’t run or be loud around dogs that you don’t know very well.

  • Most dogs don’t like hugs, so ask to pet the dog instead.

  • Never go near a dog while he’s eating, or chewing on a bone or toy!

  • Don’t chase your dog, or let him chase you. Learn how to play games like “Fetch” and “Find it!” instead!

  • Don’t bother any dog while he’s sleeping.

  • If any dog growls or tries to bite you, look away, fold in your arms, and freeze. Call for an adult right away!

  • If you see a loose dog outside, slowly walk away and find an adult right away. Don’t stare at him, talk to or call him, or run!

  • Ask a parent to help you learn how to train your dog!

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